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The team at Invisible Character Know about the pressure that this type of writing situation can put on users. That’s why they’ve created an understandable, straightforward and simple character counter that gets the job done quickly and effectively!

The character counter is perfect for any sort of writing task. Even if you’re simply viewing a short news article or letter, the number can be important information to have in regards to moving on to the next section or paragraph.

Benefits Of Using This Character Count Online

This only tool provide lots of information about your writing or article and it provides various services like:

  • Character Counter
  • Word Counter
  • Twitter Character Counter
  • Letter Counter
  • Number Count
  • Paragraph Count
  • Line Counter

It is an efficient tool that counts the characters, words and special characters of your text. It’s easy-to-use and displays the results fast. This can be very useful if you’re doing blogging, writing a report or academic paper, posting on social media sites or simply need to meet word and character limit (e.G. Twitter).

Having a counter to help you determine the number of words and characters in your writing can be extremely useful. Whether you’re looking to stay within character or word limits, or whether you are presenting your writing in a specific way, knowing this information might make learning about these things a much simpler process. Character counter is an incredibly easy to use tool that makes getting this information simple by providing word count as well.

All you have to do is paste or type your text into the space directly and know how many words and characters it is.
This information can give you some insight into how well done certain writing has been done including novels, short stories, social media posts, run-on sentences, and much more!