Chess and Cards Symbols

Chess and cards are games and there are symbols in them. these are the famous game that most people like to play and we are also providing Arrow Symbols.

Chess Symbols

It is a game of skill and complete information. In this game, the stronger player wins by a predictable score, and only 2 players can take a part in this game. it is a very interesting game, it is played on a chessboard it has a total of 64 squares of white and black color, black squares are called dark squares and white squares are called light squares. Both players have sixteen pieces and every piece has its name and aim. each player will play by using his white pieces and the other one will play by using the black piece. This game is about killing the opponent’s king piece by using your smart tricks.

Card Symbols

If we talk about cards so multiple tournaments can be played by one set of cards, There are 62 cards in a card set, there are 2 jokers which are extra and there are two types of cards in a set red and black and there are four types as well in black cards which is black spade suit, black club suit, black heart, and black diamond, the same thing also for red four types of red cards. The white heart, white diamond, white club suit, and white spade suit. In this game, we have to finish our all cards before our opponent while playing cards you can’t take turns its rule is quite simple but sometimes confusing.

The Chess symbols and Cards symbols, their names, and their Unicode are listed below. You can copy and paste it.

Chess/Card SymbolName Of Chess/Card SymbolUnicode
White Chess King U+02654
White Chess QueenU+02655
White Chess RookU+02656
White Chess BishopU+02657
White Chess KnightU+02658
White Chess PawnU+02659
Black Chess KingU+0265A
Black Chess QueenU+0265B
Black Chess RookU+0265C
Black Chess BishopU+0265D
 ♞Black Chess KnightU+0265E
Black Spade PawnU+0265F
Black Spade SuitU+02660
Black Diamond SuitU+02665
 ♥Black Heart SuitU+02666
Black Club SuitU+02663
White Spade SuitU+02664
White Heart SuitU+02661
White Diamond SuitU+02667
White Club SuitU+02667

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