Korean Characters

Korean is called the official language of South Korea, there are 75 million people in the world who speaks Korean. 48 million people are those who live in South Korea and the rest 24 million people are from North Korea. The Korean language is derived from the Northern Asian language which is known as Altaic. It includes Mongolian, Turkish, and Japanese. Korean was modified by the Chinese but then it adopted its writing system. There is an official writing system in South Korea called “HANGUL”, it is the name of one of the Korean Characters which means they both are the same. The Korean language uses Hangul as its writing system. North Korea also follows a writing system which is called “JOSEONGUEL”.  both of these writing systems Hungul and Joseonguel are made the great KING SEJONG. Korean Characters have 24 letters of which 14 are called consonants and the remaining 10 are called vowels. I prepared a list of these consonants and vowels and their names and Romanized spellings, which will help you in learning about Korean characters, the list is down below. You can copy and paste it.

Korean Characters, Letters & Alphabets

Korean Vowels

Korean VowelsKorean Vowel NamesRomanized Spelling

Korean Consonants

Korean ConsonantsConsonant namesRomanization
기역 (giyeok)g/k
니은 (nieun)N
디귿 (digeut)d/t
리을 (rieul)r/l
미음 (mieum)M
비읍 (bieup)b/p
시옷 (siot)s(/t)
이응 (ieung)Ng
지읏 (jieut)j/ch
치읓 (chieut)ch(/t)
키읔 (kieuk)K
티읕 (tieut)T
피읖 (pieup)p
히읕 (hieut)h

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