Special Characters

We are providing here special characters, letters & symbols. These are used commonly for some fancy names, stylish usernames for pubg, cool font styles, and special characters for
Make our password strong & powerful so any unknown can’t easily access our account & we are also providing alphabetic letters like Latin letters, Chinese letters, Arabic letters, and many more and also
Providing many symbols to facilitate our users to choose whatever they want of the same category like all languages characters & symbols at one platform.

Various Ways To Type Special Character

Special characters are used in different languages to represent symbols that can’t be translated into words these characters are not letters but they are used to represent numbers punctuation marks and other symbols like star symbols and etc. It can be accessed in various ways some people use the windows character map while others use keyboard shortcuts.




It is an Accent mark that is used in Spanish.

Shift + `


Grave accent

It is an Accent mark that is used in French.



Exclamation point
Shows the ending point of an argument. Also,
use in programming for applying different
operations. It is used in mathematics as well.

Shift + 1


This character is used in making email ids
it is also used in making invoices in
accounting and it is used on social media
as well as to mention or reach out to any person.

Shift + 2


It is a Number sign; it is used to express
non-executable statements in programming;
triggers hashtags on social media.



Dollar sign
It’s a character that we use in PHP programming and
it also expresses value in currency.



Percentage sign
It is a character that is used for expressing value in percentages.


Circumflex, caret
It is a character that is mostly used for expressing exponents in mathematics; shorthand for CTRL key on PCs.



It is a character we can use in place of and in English.
Its also use for combining values in spreadsheet formulas.Shift + 7



It’s a character in mathematics used to perform multiplication,
it is also used when you want to correct the word which you typed incorrectly in a chat.



Open parenthesis
This character is used when you want to enter a special word or
any abbreviation in your document and it is also used in programming languages formulas.



Close parenthesis
It is a closing character of bracket use after doing the above thing.


It is used in place of a space key where
spaces are not allowed you can use it in your name or anywhere.

Shift + –

Hyphen, dash
Used in Mathematics for performing subtraction;
it creates en dashes or em dashes in a written text.


Plus sign
It is a Mathematical Sign which is used for performing additional operations.

Shift + =


Equal sign
Used in Mathematical equations when you equivocate two equations or numbers.



Open brace
It is used to open a group of statements or blocks of code in a programming language.
Shift + [


Open bracket
It is used to Begin the section of missing details in quoted text.


Close brace
It is used to Close a group of statements or block of code in a programming language.
Shift + ]


Close bracket
It is used to show the Ending section of missing details
in the quoted text; it is also used for ending string validation in programming languages



Vertical bar, pipe

Its a delimiter in text files, it represents an OR
boolean operator (double pipe)

Shift + \



Used to Separate a location in a file or network path.



It is used to separate the protocol from a web address
in a URL and it is also used to precede a list of items in a written text.

Shift + ;


It is used to end commands or lines of code
in some programming languages.


Double quotation
It is used to Indicate a special quote or
something that has been written or spoken.
It identifies text or data that is not part of a
programming command or HTML tag

Shift + ‘

Single quotation   mark,    apostrophe
It is used when we talk about anything which
we do not own. in the English language.
it is called apostrophe. also used in programming.

‘Shift + ,


Open angle bracket
It is used to show the relationship between two values.
That value is greater on whose side this symbol opens.
And this sign will be called greater than.




Used to Separate items in a list.



Close angle bracket
It is used to show the relationship between two values.
That value is less on whose side this symbol is closed.
And this sign will be called less than.



It is used to indicate the end of a declarative or imperative sentence.


Question mark

It is used to indicate the end of an interrogative sentence



Forward slash
It is a symbol that is used in mathematics for
performing division is also used for separating the
month, day, and year of date it is also used
for signifying non-executable statements
in programming languages.


Stylish Letters

If you want to use or type something with stylish letters or other language letters, we will help you to do that.

We are providing 2 best methods:

1) write with alt codes by using your keyboard.

2) copy and paste special characters & letters.

Useful information

If you want to type by using your keyboard so read the below instructions.

  • First of all, you have to open NumLock from your keyboard, it will allow you to use your numerical keypad section(numbers on the right side of the keyboard).
  • Then press alt along with the alt code given below by using your numerical section of the keypad.
  • Hold alt and press code like- alt161 (don’t give space between them).
  • You can use Character Counter for counting special characters and stylish symbols, It will also count Invisible Characters.

Many fonts families don’t show some alt code properly in special characters. Those alt codes are mentioned below.

Alt 166 looks like ª in real & alt 167 looks like º but those font families remove the underline from it.

All types of special characters are mentioned below just press your keyboard and use it wherever you want or if you don’t want to use the keyboard doesn’t matter, click on special character letters and it will be copied.

Special Characters, Letters & Symbols

Common Letters & Special Characters

backspace†Alt 8

tab†Alt 9

line break†Alt 10

paste†Alt 22

space†Alt 32

¤ Alt 15

Alt 20

§ Alt 21

!Alt 33

Alt 34

#Alt 35

$Alt 36

%Alt 37

&Alt 38

Alt 39

(Alt 40

)Alt 41

*Alt 42

+Alt 43

,Alt 44

Alt 45

.Alt 46

/Alt 47

0Alt 48

1Alt 49

2Alt 50

3Alt 51

4Alt 52

5Alt 53

6Alt 54

7Alt 55

8Alt 56

9Alt 57

:Alt 58

;Alt 59

Alt 60

=Alt 61

>Alt 62

?Alt 63

@Alt 64

AAlt 65

BAlt 66

CAlt 67

DAlt 68

E Alt 69

F Alt 70

G Alt 71

H Alt 72

I Alt 73

J Alt 74

K Alt 75

L Alt 76

M Alt 77

N Alt 78

O Alt 79

P Alt 80

Q Alt 81

R Alt 82

S Alt 83

T Alt 84

U Alt 85

V Alt 86

W Alt 87

X Alt 88

Y Alt 89

Z Alt 90

[ Alt 91

\ Alt 92

] Alt 93

^ Alt 94

_ Alt 95

` Alt 96

a Alt 97

b Alt 98

c Alt 99

d Alt 100

e Alt 101

f Alt 102

g Alt 103

h Alt 104

i Alt 105

j Alt 106

k Alt 107

l Alt 108

m Alt 109

n Alt 110

o Alt 111

p Alt 112

q Alt 113

r Alt 114

s Alt 115

t Alt 116

u Alt 117

v Alt 118

w Alt 119

x Alt 120

y Alt 121

z Alt 122

{ Alt 123

| Alt 124

} Alt 125

~ Alt 126

 Alt 127

Ç Alt 128

ü Alt 129

é Alt 130

â Alt 131

ä Alt 132

à Alt 133

å Alt 134

ç Alt 135

ê Alt 136

ë Alt 137

è Alt 138

ï Alt 139

î Alt 140

ì Alt 141

æ Alt 145

Æ Alt 146

ô Alt 147

ö Alt 148

ò Alt 149

û Alt 150

ù Alt 151

ÿ Alt 152

¢ Alt 155

£ Alt 156

¥ Alt 157

P Alt 158

ƒ Alt 159

á Alt 160

í Alt 161

ó Alt 162

ú Alt 163

ñ Alt 164

Ñ Alt 165

¿ Alt 168

¬ Alt 170

½ Alt 171

¼ Alt 172

¡ Alt 173

« Alt 174

» Alt 175

¦ Alt 179

ß Alt 225

µ Alt 230

± Alt 241

° Alt 248

Alt 249

· Alt 250

² Alt 253

Alt 0128

Alt 0132

Alt 0133

Alt 0134

Alt 0135

ˆ Alt 0136

Alt 0137

Š Alt 0138

Alt 0139

ΠAlt 0140

Alt 0145

Alt 0146

Alt 0147

Alt 0148

Alt 0150

Alt 0151

˜ Alt 0152

Alt 0153

š Alt 0154

Alt 0155

œ Alt 0156

Ÿ Alt 0159

¨ Alt 0168

© Alt 0169

® Alt 0174

¯ Alt 0175

³ Alt 0179

´ Alt 0180

¸ Alt 0184

¹ Alt 0185

¾ Alt 0190

À Alt 0192

Á Alt 0193

 Alt 0194

à Alt 0195

Ä Alt 0196

Å Alt 0197

È Alt 0200

É Alt 0201

Ê Alt 0202

Ë Alt 0203

Ì Alt 0204

Í Alt 0205

Î Alt 0206

Ï Alt 0207

Ð Alt 0208

Ò Alt 0210

Ó Alt 0211

Ô Alt 0212

Õ Alt 0213

Ö Alt 0214

× Alt 0215

Ø Alt 0216

Ù Alt 0217

Ú Alt 0218

Û Alt 0219

Ü Alt 0220

Ý Alt 0221

Þ Alt 0222

ã Alt 0227

ð Alt 0240

õ Alt 0245

÷ Alt 0247

ø Alt 0248

ü Alt 0252

ý Alt 0253

þ Alt 0254

Special Symbols















Special characters, also known as funny characters, are used to decorate the names of your pages or custom fields by transforming them into pictures. They can either be letters that you cannot find on a keyboard but look like they should be there or anything unusual that represents an animal, a thing, an action, etc.