Star Symbols

We use star symbols and currency symbols in multiple places like coding, writing, online chats, etc. there are different kinds of stars and every single star has its own proper name and Unicode and every star has a strong point. A list of star symbols, names, and their Unicodes is down below you can copy and paste it.


Star Symbols with Name and Unicode

Black starU+2605
White starU+2606
Apl Functional Symbol Circle StarU+235F
Apl Functional Symbol Star DiaeresisU+2363
Circled white starU+272A
Open centre black starU+272B
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed StarU+2742
Outlined black starU_272D
Black four-pointed starU+2726
pinwheel starU+272F
Shadowed white starU+2730
White four-pointed starU+2727
Six-pointed black starU+2736
Outlined white starU+U69D
٭Arabic five-point starU+066D
Heavy Eight Teardrop-Spoked Propeller Asterisk starU+274B
Sextile starU+26B9
Eight pointed pinwheel starU+2735
Star equalsU+225B
Heavy asterisk starU+2731
*Asterisk starU+002A
White four-pointed starU+2727
Teardrop Spoked Asterisk star U+273B
Small asterisk starU+FE61
Heavy eight-pointed rectilinear black starU+2738
Open centre asteriskU+2732
Balloon spoked asteriskU+2749
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star U+2742
Twelve pointed black starU+2739
Heavy eight-pointed Rectilinear Black StarU+2738
Open centre Teardrop Spoked Asterisk star U+273C
Flower punctuation markU+2055

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